Welding Protection Essex

Health and safety should always go hand in hand with any kind of trade in Essex. From the care industry to the manufacturing and construction companies, it is a fact that making sure the health and safety laws are followed, is not only wise, but cost effective. For example, in the 2016-2017 working year, around four hundred and thirty four thousand people where injured at work and stayed off due to their injury up to 7 working days. The number of those who stayed off for longer than a seven day working period is significantly lower. However, it is certain that you would agree with the statement, that any time off work due to an accident, that could have been avoided by following health and safety guidelines and wearing PPE (Personal protective Equipment), is not cost effective or a good use of recourses. Protection is a must in any work premises.

When the job or trade you are practising involves materials that have a high possible risk hazard, it is all the more important to stress the need for protection from PPE, and to make absolutely sure you have the equipment available on hand for your work force to use as needed. If you live in the area of Essex, then you will want a local supplier that specialises in that area of trade, so that you know you can acquire everything that a particular company needs to be safe.

You will need to look at eye and face protection such as helmets or goggles. Also required is protection from dust, fumes or oxides. This mean wearing a respirator or mask. Protection for your hands includes heat proof insulated gloves. Then the right non flammable protective clothing should also be worn. Other protection and PPE includes ear muffs, ear defenders and ear plugs.

Of course, some machinery may be purchased by someone who needs it for a hobby or past time. In these cases, it has to be said, that the need for adequate protection is all the more important, as the persons using the machinery or equipment are not usually trained up, as they would be in a business environment. For example, welding is a part of both the business world and the craft world. With this in mind there is a company in Essex, that not only provide equipment to carry out welding jobs using the machinery available for purchase, but they can provide all of the gloves, masks and suchlike needed to make sure you have suitable protection whilst welding.

Essex, being a large county in the east of England, is home to a large and thriving industrial workforce. In Essex, you will find Senator welding and supplies, a supply store that you can visit direct by going to our website and looking on our contact page at www.senatorwelding.com You can also use this website to see any of the supplies we offer.

Remember health and safety should be priority for employers and employees!