Welding Accessories Essex

Senators welding and suppliers limited of Essex, are a company that specialise in the selling of welding accessories, welding protective equipment and supplies. At senators welding, Essex, you will find helpful, knowledgeable staff who have been in the welding trade for over fifty years. The family run company have harnessed all of this experience and put it into this business, to provide a professional suppliers for all of your welding machinery, accessories and protective equipment needs.

A lot has happened in the history of welding that dates back to 1000BC, and has showed a steady development over time as metals began to be in common use around the world. Even in the short space of time that the owners of Senators welding of Essex have been in the trade, there have been many developments and new techniques. Some of these techniques include high tech machinery that are in industrial use for specialised welding work, such as car manufacturing, steel erection in building work.

Welding, around the time that the staff of senators welding of Essex began trading, was even used extensively by NASA. This should not be a surprise to us as the space shuttles and other NASA inventions would need extensive work done to the metal work, of these impressive machines to make them safe in the hostile environments they were used in.

Welding, in our day and age has taken on a new development in the world of recreational crafts. The creations, and ideas, that have come about in the world of welding, is both impressive and inspirational. It is also resourceful, often using recycled materials and accessories to achieve a professional result.

Some of the welding equipment and accessories sold by Senators Welding, Essex, are listed on the page. Here is a little bit of information about some of the products available.

Arc welding is a technic that uses an electric arc to generate heat and weld the metals together. It was a process that was invented by Sir Humphry Davy and developed in the 1800’s. It’s used heavily in the mass production of vehicles. It works by binding the metal components directly to each other.

MIG welding is a process similar to that of a Arc welder, but it uses gas in it’s heating process. It was developed in the 19th century, again by Sir Humphry Davy, who after discovering Arc welding went on to develop this process. It is used primarily for welding aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. MIG and TIG both use metal fillers in the process of binding the metal together.

Welding accessories therefore include the rods and metals used in fixing the metalwork together. It also includes gas cylinders of none reactive gases used to shield the welds. This stops the metal from becoming brittle after the welding process has been done. The gas is sprayed onto the metal as it is welded and made stronger for it. For any more information please visit the website held at www.senatorwelding.com