Welders Essex

Welders in Essex will be aware and familiar with the use of this skill in the car manufacturing world. The Ford motor company has a plant in Dagenham, which opened in the 1930’s and is home to around 4,000 employees that use their skills as welders in the vehicle building trade. The Fiesta is the car that was the latest main production of this company, created at this very site. It had a rich history in the welding trade, as it began in the 1920’s mapping out the development and rise of the automobile in the United Kingdom.

Welders in Essex have also been a huge part of construction work. For example, throughout the whole of the county, steel fabrications are in common use for a number of different structures such as boat houses, horse breaking and training rings and farming or agricultural buildings. These structures are often simple yet effective buildings, fit for the particular purpose unique to it’s specifications. These fabrications are steel framework constructions that are sturdy enough to deal with even the harshest weathers and uses. For example, they are often constructed to house cattle, and protect crops from rain and other extreme weather conditions.

Reinforced concrete constructions are also another area in which welders in Essex use their skills and equipment. Reinforced concrete has been likened to bone structure, the steel rods constructed and set in the concrete mix provides the tensile strength (resistance against pulling forces) while the concrete mix provides the compressional strength. This important part of the concrete means buildings and structures will be able to withstand the pressures and wear and tear of time. For example, huge dams across the globe use reinforced concrete to hold the weight of the waters. These constructions and the people who use them, rely on the professional quality of the welding that goes into creating the steel rods.

There may be welders in Essex who enjoy the craft as part of a hobby and recreational activity. This type of welding is also resourceful and environmentally friendly. An example of this can be when using old horse shoes. Welders can make wine racks with them, coat hooks, sculptures of animals such as a dog or horse. They have been used in making garden gates and even a toilet roll holder. It is safe to say that the use of welding in the craft world is only limited by the imagination of the welders.

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