Jasic Plasma 45 Wide Voltage Inverter


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The Jasic Cut 45P plasma cutter is equipped with PWM technology and high powered IGBT components is the perfect solution for cutting low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

This user-friendly ‘wide voltage’ plasma cutter offers smooth, fast and precise cutting on material up to 15mm and a maximum of 20mm, where a severance cut is required.

Another outstanding feature of this high specification plasma cutter is PFC (Power Factor Correction) that provides substantial energy saving benefits for the user.

  • High-end IGBT plasma cutter

  • Wide voltage inverter 95V-265V

  • Intelligent digital control technology

  • Clean cuts 15mm, severance cut 20mm

  • Cuts steel, stainless, copper, cast iron & aluminium

  • Cutting speed is increased  1.8 times when compared

        with oxy-acetylene cutting.

  • Lightweight, portable modern cutter

  • Variable cutting control

  • Soft touch LED control display

  • IGBT protection system

  • Smooth precise cutting

  • PFC Energy saving cutting inverter

  • Air check indicator

  • Easy start ignition mode

  • PT-60 Plasma Cutting Torch (6m)

  • Torch protection system

  • 2T/4T cutting operation

  • Can be used with automated plasma cutting systems *

  • AVR Generator friendly plasma cutter

  • High quality rubberised finish to handle/mouldings


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